“Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to a group a non-personal, oral or visual, openly sponsor identified message regarding a product, service or idea. This message, called an advertisement, is disseminated through one or more media and is paid for by the identified sponsor”. W. J. Stanton.

Basically, an advertisement is an announcement to the public of a product, service or idea through a medium through which the public has access. The medium may be print, electronic or any other. An advertisement is usually paid for by an advertiser at rates fixed or negotiated with the media.

Advertising has become an integral part of our society. In a way it has embedded in our daily lives. Advertising is a vital marketing tool as well as a powerful communication force. It is the action of calling something to attention of the people, especially by paid announcements.

Role of Advertising Agencies

  1. Creating an advertise on the basis of information gathered about product
  2. Doing research on the company and the product and reactions of the customers.
  3. Planning for type of media to be used, when and where to be used, and for how much time to be used.
  4. Taking the feedbacks from the clients as well as the customers and then deciding the further line of action

All companies can do this work by themselves. They can make ads, print or advertise them on televisions or other media places; they can manage the accounts also. Then why do they need advertising agencies? The reasons behind hiring the advertising agencies by the companies are:

  • The agencies are expert in this field. They have a team of different people for different functions like copywriters, art directors, planners, etc.
  • The agencies make optimum use of these people, their experience and their knowledge.
  • They work with an objective and are very professionals.
  • Hiring them leads in saving the costs up to some extent.